John C. Munday ’62

John Munday’s wife, Judi, wrote on August 31, 2014: “John was seventh in his age group in today’s Rock and Roll Half Marathon! Amazing! His time was 2 hr. 39 min. and 11 sec. – just 45 seconds under his estimated time. The heat ~85, and humidity were rough, and I just wasn’t sure at all he’d make it through – so many runners looked so stressed and were dripping. His older brother, Ted–who’s 77 (SAE ’59), had come from New Jersey and placed second in his age group! Our nephew also had a good run at 1:40 – much below what he’d hoped, but he encountered thyroid issues that limited his performance! What family support! Our daughter Sarah also joined us at the beach for the race, along with a good family friend of Sarah’s – Brittany. The race was in Virginia Beach during Labor Day weekend.

“John’s physical therapist, Tara, who was responsible for so much of guiding John’s physical recovery [after his terrible fall last year], came to share in the celebration – once John was home from the hospital last September, she was one of the first to help him believe that he actually might run again!

“What an incredible day. He is still feeling pretty good hours later. He says he just feels like he had a good workout! He’s gimpy with the left hip arthritis, but otherwise feels great! We’ll have to see how the next few days go!”