Original Levere Challenge Donor – I. Wistar Morris ’64

In 2004, I. Wistar Morris ’64 will return to Cornell for his 40th reunion. A Levere Challenge Donor to New York Alpha, Wistar graduated in ’64 with a BA in chemistry. He later headed to Harvard, where he picked up an MBA degree in ’70 from the business school. He also met his wife Martha while in Cambridge.

Wistar founded an eponymously named investment advisory firm in the Philadelphia area and is active with the Eisenhower Fellowships and Foreign Policy Research Institute. Martha, a ’65 grad from Duke with advanced degrees from UVa and Drexel, is involved with many organizations. One of her current favorites is Executive Service Corps, where she does consulting on corporate governance for nonprofits.

In 1997 Wistar sold his firm and wrote a book, Adventures in Investing (MacManus Rare Books, 610-520-7273). He has offered to donate the entire purchase price to Hillcrest for every brother who calls MacManus to order one.

Wistar has stayed in touch with a few SAEs and has invested in some biotech deals together with brothers Bo Sullivan ’62 and John Looney ’64.

Wistar and Martha live in Villanova, Pennsylvania, and have three daughters. Melissa is a conservation biology student doing PhD studies at Cal Davis, Lydia is a social worker and a Harvard and BU grad, and Eleanor is studying environmental conservation at the University of Montana at Missoula and plans to join the Forest Service. A few years ago, she did a five-month, 2,167-mile trek covering the entire Appalachian Trail.

Wistar plans to contact several other ’64 grads to ensure that SAE is well represented at the Cornell reunion and SAE functions.

You can reach Wistar by email: wistar@comcast.net.